Normalizing Foster Care

Foster care is a normal part of the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and families in the United States. Follow me to learn more about the daily life of an average foster family in West Virginia as we pull back the mystery and embrace the normal that is foster care.

  • Angry
    I haven’t written in a while. Honestly it’s been over a month and I can’t wrap my head around how that happened and how fast time seems to move around here. Every time I start to think about a post and what I want to share with you, I draw a blank. I’m pretty good […]
  • Valentine’s Day

    Traditions are big around here. We do up all of the traditional holidays like Christmas and Easter, but probably the next biggest holiday in this house is Valentine’s Day. To most of the world, Valentine’s Day is a day to shower your significant other with gifts and words of affirmation. A day filled with sweet […]

  • Monster Meatloaf and Duct- Taped Spiders
    Our two year old has been obsessed with monsters lately. Obsessed. Sometimes he thinks monsters are something fun or silly. Whenever anyone leaves the house he shouts, “love you, watch out for monsters!” He loves to run around the house and be the monster while chasing the other little boys around, laughing as he goes. […]