Normalizing Foster Care

Foster care is a normal part of the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and families in the United States. Follow me to learn more about the daily life of an average foster family in West Virginia as we pull back the mystery and embrace the normal that is foster care.

  • A post from Mary
    When we started doing foster care, Mary was 10 years old. She is the youngest of four and the only permanent child living at home full time. The day we chose to become a foster family, Bob and I made a commitment to her. We would always be honest about the cases we have in […]
  • Room Tetris
    We are expecting a new little one on Monday. This will make four kids age four and under along with our 13 year old, Mary. Kids of different genders are not able to share bedrooms in West Virginia, no matter their age, which means today we are playing a little game of room Tetris. How […]
  • Dear Momma
    One of the most important things I do when we get a new foster placement is write a letter to their biological family. Usually in the beginning there isn’t any direct contact between parents and foster parents until things like phone calls, video chats, and in person visits can be established. This can be such […]