Normalizing Foster Care

Foster care is a normal part of the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and families in the United States. Follow me to learn more about the daily life of an average foster family in West Virginia as we pull back the mystery and embrace the normal that is foster care.

  • A Peak at the Playroom
    It’s 5am. The temperature has been dropping lately and there is frost on the lawn outside my window. I’m snuggled down deep in the blankets and am sound asleep. Until…Three little fists start pounding on my bedroom door. “I eat!” “Dink” “I go playroom?” Toddlers don’t know that it’s five in the morning and all […]
  • A Trip to the Pediatrician
    I carry him on my hip up to the check-in window of the pediatrician’s office. He is heavy and I jostle him on my hip, trying to find a comfortable position. My arms don’t know him yet, they aren’t used to his weight or the way he holds his body. I can tell he is […]
  • A Lot Can Change in a Week
    One week. It’s been one week since we lost my husband’s father to COVID. He was 77 years old and only had a month to go until his 78th birthday. He was sick for almost a month before loosing his fight to this nasty virus. This man was one of the hardest working and most […]